At Buenaventura Suites we are aware that security is paramount for our guests. For this reason we are always investing and improving our facilities in order to provide them with the peace and security that our clients deserve.

Guest security is our priority.

Our facilities have surveillance cameras in the vehicular and pedestrian access booth, also in the entrances and corridors of the buildings where the Suites are located, and we are currently developing a project to cover all the cabins.

We have a surveillance team at the entrance that runs security rounds through our facilities. The vehicle accesses have a security grid and then a swing bar that can only be operated by the guest with his electronic card, in the same way the pedestrian access is designed, with an access grid activated with the card.

The perimeter of Buenaventura Suites has an electric fence and an alarm system. All our facilities, including security systems, are connected to a backup generator, so there will be no vulnerabilities at the time of a power outage.