Internal Policy

1. Access, parking, exit and circulation.-

1.1. Guests receive an electronic card to access and leave our facilities. They are obliged to make use of it in accordance with our policies and procedures posted on the website of the company (; and to comply with the other provisions of these standards, of which they receive a copy when contracting our services.

1.2. The entry and exit operations of guests and visitors are recorded and the videos are remotely monitored, and archived for long periods.

1.3. The parking lot is designed for private vehicles. Guests must park at the designated area or at the visitor's station. It is not allowed to park cargo vehicles. Guests should verify that their vehicle are not leaking oil or lubricants and, in any case, clean and repair any stains they may cause to the parking lot.

1.4. The speed limit is 20 KmH.

1.5. The Company is not responsible for valuables left in vehicles.

1.6. The Company is not responsible for the partial or total loss of vehicles in our parking lot. All users park in our facilities at their own risk.

1.7. Guests are committed to inform the company at the time of Check-In, vehicle information as well as license plate with which it will enter our facilities. Any vehicle that does not have any information past 72 hours, will be towed by the legal authorities.

1.8. For security reasons, people is not allowed to stay inside the vehicles for a long period of time.

2. Room use.-

2.1. Guests agree to maintain good conduct in our facilities, to comply with policies and procedures, not to allow people who are visiting make noises that exceed normal levels, or in general, cause scandals, disorders, dangers, or any damage or inconvenience to the other guests of Buenaventura Suites.

2.2. The guests are required to take care of our facilities, pets are not allowed, as well as combustible or flammable liquids or explosive materials in the building. It is not allowed to enter our facilities with firearms, narcotics or similar substances.

2.3. The guest cannot use the room for more than one companion, and he / she commits to having the companion appear on the Buenaventura Suites registration card. It is expressly forbidden for the guest to use our rooms with more than one companion, since our facilities are designed only to accommodate a maximum of two people.

2.4. It is expressly forbidden to introduce additional mattresses, laundry appliances, gas stoves, gas cylinders or furniture into the rooms. Failure to comply with this policy is enough reason to cancel the housing contract.

2.5. Any damage or loss caused by the guest to the property, real estate and property owned by the Buenaventura Suites, must be paid according to the value established by the company.

2.6. Buenaventura Suites is a 100% Smoke Free Environment, so we ask our guests and visitors to refrain from smoking inside our facilities. The guests are responsible for the cigarette burns that may be caused to our furniture, and for the additional expenses that the company has to incur in the elimination of cigarette odors in our buildings.

2.7. If the guest maintains the use of the room after the expiration of the contract period and does not make a new accommodation contract, the company may remove the guest's belongings from the room, placing them without obligation or liability in a storage.

3. Use of Outdoor Spaces.-

3.1. Outdoor spaces have been designed to facilitate the expansion and solace of our guests, especially walks, walks and exercises. It is not allowed outside the buildings to drink liquor or perform activities that could cause discomfort to other guests, such as, ball games or similar, grills, use of sound equipment, or washing and repair of vehicles.

3.2. The gardening and trails of Buenaventura Suites, including the building surroundings, is responsibility of the company and its modification is not allowed.

3.3. It is not allowed to hang clothes to dry in the areas outside the buildings, or in the windows.

3.4. It is not allowed to paint or modify the buildings, nor to place transmitting or receiving antennas, or other similar equipments.

4. Trash management.-

4.1. The waste is collected three times a week, in order to avoid bad smells or undesirable ecological effects.

4.2. Guests must place the trash in closed bags in the gray plastic tanks, arranged for that purpose in the outdoor spaces.

5. Security.-

5.1. The Administration maintains special care in observing and monitoring the entrances and exits. Guests are expected to cooperate by reporting security concerns. If you see something, say something.

5.2. Peace, tranquility and security, especially at night, is one of the most appreciated attractions of Buenaventura Suites. We will not tolerate facts that contravene the rules of security, coexistence, mutual respect and consideration among guests, contained in this Policies and Procedures. Failure to comply with this policy is enough reason to cancel the housing contract.

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