Access Rules


Guests will drive thru the right line of the entrance, which is clearly identified with the "RESIDENTS" sign, using the electronic card that will be provided to that end. In the exceptional case that a guest comes without his electronic card, he must identify himself with the gate keeper by means of his identity card informing the number of his suite or cabin, with the purpose of allowing him access through the line that corresponds to the visitors. Access will be granted only for private vehicles and in no cases in cargo vehicles.

Visitors will do so on the left line making use of vehicles of private use and in no case of cargo vehicles, which is clearly identified with the sign "VISITORS", after delivery to the gate keeper of his identity card and verification in the Registry of authorized Visitors. The unauthorized visitor must communicate with the guest so that he / she arrives at the gate and authorizes their access. The number and letter that identifies the suite or cabin, name of the guest, name and surname of the visitor and signature of the guest will be registered in the Visitors Registry. The gate keeper will not comply with telephone orders from residents to grant visitor access.

The access of Cargo Vehicles must be requested with sufficient anticipation to the Administration during office hours in order to facilitate their access, if necessary, through the special gate for that purpose located in the lateral boundary of Buenaventura Suites.


Guests and visitors will do so by the only exit line located to the right of the gate and which is clearly identified with the sign "EXIT". Guests will do so using the electronic card that has been provided. In the event that a guest does not have an electronic card, you must go to our office in order to solve your case. Visitors will be accompanied by guests so that they open the exit gate. The gatekeeper will not have any possibility to open the exit gate.


We have a pedestrian access for guests, this access is controlled by the electronic card.


The gates will be locked at certain times of the night, initially 12:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. To access or exit during this period, it will be necessary for the gatekeeper to open it manually and it is recommended that the guest announce his arrival by telephone No. 0283-2417645 ext. 105, in order to facilitate their access. There is a bell on the right side of the gatekeeper office, with which he can be alerted if the gate is closed.


Guests must go to our office in order to receive their electronic card and sign the corresponding receipt, which will be recorded in the respective control book. They must return it at the end of the accommodation and report its loss, if it were the case, to proceed to cancel it. The replacement of the card for theft or loss will involve the payment of its cost, equivalent to 25% of the current room rate used by the guest. We recommend that the card not be left in the vehicle and be stored in the document portfolio. The card is highly sensitive and if it is properly located, it can be used without removing it from the wallet.


The cards are electronically identified, a record with the date and time they were used will be kept. In the same way, a video-record of the vehicles and people who access and leave Buenaventura Suites will be recorded.

To download the Access Rules, please click here.