Q: What is the process to hire hosting services?

A: You must fill out the "Request for Quotation" form found on the "Contact Us" button"

Q: How long do they take to quote us?

A: One business day, in case of having immediate availability.

Q: How is the payment method for the hosting service?

A: The hosting service is paid in advance to the period of accommodation that the client needs. For long periods, we can bill them bi-monthly, weekly or monthly, according to what is agreed with the client.

Q: Can we tour your facilities?

Yes. For the safety of our guests the tours coordinated with Buenaventura Suites local administrator. Instructions to coordinate tour is sent with our quote.

Q: Can we include additional beds in order to accommodate more than two people in Suites or Cabins?

A: No. Our facilities are designed to host a person or a couple in a room with a queen-size double bed.

Q: What happens if we have any additional requirements?

A: Buenaventura Suites always strives to please our guests. If the request is within the possibilities of the company, we can quote such a requirement.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: No pets allowed. The tranquility at Buenaventura Suites is one of the benefits that our guests most appreciate.

Q: Is there any regulation that we can review before contracting with you?

A: Yes. It is convenient before contracting with us to review Buenaventura Suites policies and procedures.

In Buenaventura Suites we strive to serve companies and corporations in the area. If any of the companies requires any service or equipment that we do not offer formally, they can contact us and we will do everything in our power to meet the requirement.